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Hello the name is Reboot! I'm an Freelance 2D artist, 3D artist and aspiring game developer

I'm an 20 year old Australian artist that is self-taught in digital art and 3D work. I will start professionally studying mid-2024.

In 2017, I first started posting my art with a fascination of Mecha, Robots and online fandoms. Character design was my first passion, I have also taken an interest for making 3D avatars and worlds for Vrchat for the past two years. My main softwares are Blender, Unity and Krita.

I am still learning how to create 3D animation/rigging in blender, but I am in the process of furthering my knowledge and becoming a game developer. 

I'm also in the progress of creating my private project "The Good News Channel." (WIP)

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