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Deluxe Model pack

Price: 500-750USD
what you get: 

  • Advanced Base model design

  • Complex physbones (e.g wings, tails ect. )

  • Two-Three outfits 

  • Three props

  • Eight expressions

  • A Unity package

  • Blend files

  • Four blender renders of final product with lighting and shaders

  • Flat front and back reference sheet (optional) 

What is a Deluxe model pack? 

In this package you will receive a step by step process of me creating your character! I first offer to create a T-pose reference sheet and send progress shots and videos in creating your model! The process can take 1-3 months depending on how booked my schedule is but I always try my best to communicate and give the best result I can offer. 
Pricing can vary depending on complexity, I also take part-payments and Paypal only!

Please read 
my T.O.S here! 

What you need prepared before contacting me:

  • A character ready with either a reference sheet I can work with or images I can draw from

  • Your PayPal Account ready to pay at least half

  • Read my T.O.S
    But Reboot, all your slots are currently taken or I don't have enough at the moment.
    I also have a waiting list! contact me on discord on Reb00t2 and I can give you updates on where you are on the list.


Examples of Deluxe models

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